Little Munchies For Brains That Crave-Mrs. O'Bryant's First Grade Class

The “Science Lab” section will provide review and enrichment on the science concepts we are currently discussing and concepts we have already discussed.


Animals and Their Habitats

Erosion and Weathering

Dynamo Science

Ocean Life  

PBS Kids ScienceGeared towards younger students (grades K, 1, 2), but some interesting educational games to sharpen our science skills.

More PBS Kids Science

Habitat Rescue

Our Earth

Geyser Video-The one shown in class

Mr. Nussbaum-Awesome science games! Covers a lot of material we talked about in class this year!

Science Monster-learn about our solar system and what your weight in outer space would be; learn what our Earth is made of; learn about different types of flowers; learn about what makes you stick to the Earth-gravity!;


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