Little Munchies For Brains That Crave-Mrs. O'Bryant's First Grade Class

On the frist day of school, I gave your child a Huron Folder. This is a three ringed binder that is suppose to help keep your child organized. The Huron Folder stands for Helping Us with Responsibility and Organizational Needs. Your child is to bring their Huron Folder to school everyday and home every night. Your child’s Huron Folder has the following contents that need to stay in the folder AT ALL TIMES:

-Pencil pouch- this is for bringing lunch money, book orders, or small notes/permission slips to school. (It is so much easier on the student and the teacher than searching through backpacks for lost money or notes)

-Homework Planner-tells what your child’s homework is every night of the week. Please make sure this stays in your child’s folder.\

-Our daily schedule

-Our Huron Folder Promise

-Daily Planner that lets you know what we did during the day. I may also jot a quick note to you in your child’s planner. Please review it with your child every night.

-Pocket folder with a “going home” pocket and a “going to school” pocket.

-Spelling list- this is located in the front pocket of the binder.


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